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VIDEO - Wild Icelandic Fall Promo

Wild Icelandic is an import-marketing company that brings rare food products and specialities items from Iceland to US markets. Upstate Pictures was proud to collaborate with Eventa Films of Iceland to establish the foundations of a media library that could produce this and many other videos for entities that promote and market Icelandic Lamb.

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BLOG/PHOTO/VIDEO - VON Mathús og Bar; Hafnarfjörður, Iceland

When you think about it - It's really fascinating to look at the meteoric evolution of Blogs. People who run blogs today have the equivalent of their own newspaper, magazine and television channel all rolled into one.

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PRINT - Fæða/FOOD Magazine, Icelandic Lamb

Fæða/FOOD is the first and as far we know only bilingual magazine in Iceland. Incorporating Icelandic and English language, in some cases side-by-side. The publication offers photos and stories related to food, activities and culture in Iceland.

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PHOTOGRAPHY - Nature: Mjóifjörður, Iceland

The NATURE gallery here was created by Upstate Pictures while touring through Iceland. It was shot in conjunction with a larger production which included 4K video, drone footage along with the hi-res digital still photography sampled here.

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