PHOTOGRAPHY - Nature: Mjóifjörður, Iceland

The NATURE gallery here was created by Upstate Pictures while touring through Iceland. It was shot in conjunction with a larger production which included 4K video, drone footage along with the hi-res digital still photography sampled here.

This particular location is Mjóifjörður, Iceland - (Myō•ēē•fjör•thur) a fjord in the eastern region of Iceland. The name Mjóifjörður translates as Skinny or Narrow Fjord. Sitting on the very edge of a fjord is a tiny village of the same name with just 11 people who live there year round. During the winter months residents can be completely cut off from the rest of the region.

The results of a shoot like this can yield an image campaign raising the profile for many types of businesses to a whole new level. In a region like this images that reflect the area can be used for promoting hotels, restaurants, travel services, municipalities and non-profits. These photos have already been used in blogs, websites, social media channels and print ads.


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