BLOG/PHOTO/VIDEO - VON Mathús og Bar; Hafnarfjörður, Iceland

When you think about it - It's really fascinating to look at the meteoric evolution of Blogs. People who run blogs today have the equivalent of their own newspaper, magazine and television channel all rolled into one.

Don't get me wrong; there's a huge number of blogs out there. Some are much more influential than others and rightfully so. That said; the real value I saw when this all started was the ability to have mixed media (text, photo, video) all in one article.

In the end, CONTENT remains king. The saying goes, Garbage In - Garbage Out. Therefore, when done well; professionally, thoughtfully, with purpose and destination in mind; a blog can deliver huge ROI while offering an escalating value along with considerable longevity.

Upstate Pictures offers a wide range of storytelling tools including concept development, writing, editing, photography, graphic/motion design, videos of broadcast quality and more. The ultimate goal for every element created is to connect your business instantly for both B2B or B2C marketing and communications.

As most of projects this was part of a larger media campaign that incorporated elements produced for multiple channels including web and social media presence.

The power of video alone can deliver stories on products and services in under a minute. All in a manner of first-person connection. The ROI for such plans hold enormous potential.


As one can see in our work, Upstate Pictures has an affinity for food and food related businesses. Hi-res photography has proven itself over and over again as a massively dynamic tool to drive consumer awareness and conversion. Wether stand alone or in conjunction with other media elements quality photography tells a story emotional, effectively, instantly.


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